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The Canadian Association of Political Consultants (CAPC) is the professional organization for people working in the field of politics in Canada. We have joined together to raise the standards of practice in political consultation, thereby enhancing the political process and improving public confidence in the Canadian political system.

CAPC is committed to:

  • Providing professional guidance, assistance, and education to members as they develop the skills, techniques, and business procedures required for successful political consultation.
  • Establishing and maintaining a high standard of ethical conduct through membership education and the establishment and promotion of a workable Code of Professional Ethics for members.
  • Helping inform the news media, educational institutions, political organizations, and the general public about the value of political consultation and its contribution to the political process.
  • Placing particular emphasis in our work on reaching out to involve and educate young people in the art of political consultation and in the benefits it brings to the practice of democracy.

Association membership consists of political consultants, media consultants, pollsters, campaign managers, corporate public affairs officers, professors, fund-raisers, lobbyists, congressional staffers and vendors and is open to everyone associated with politics from the local level to the Federal level. The profession of political consulting as its own niche is a very recent phenomenon, taking its place alongside computer gurus and television reporters as a career that has come of age. Yet, political campaigning was not born yesterday, despite many pundits insistence that they helped it evolve in their own shops. In fact, the first recorded political consultant was Quintus Cicero, author of the Handbook of Electioneering. Written to help his brother win a campaign for the consulship of Rome.

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