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Political consultants sometimes acting as political strategists, a senior political consultant who promotes the election of certain candidates or the interests of certain groups. This is achieved by planning campaign strategies, coordinating campaign staffs, and arranging meetings to publicize candidates or causes.

Political consultants act as public relations specialists, salespeople and managers. By using many forms of marketing-suitable media, including advertising and press releases, political consultants make voters aware of their candidates’ party platform.

The political consulting career has expanding throughout the world; journalists have talked about how political consultants have influenced candidates, voters, presidents and governments of different nations.

The American political consultants, as James Carville, Joseph Napolitan and David H. Sayers, had traveled to other Continents acting as a consultant to several political campaigns and head of states. For example, Napolitan acted as a consultant of French President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, several Venezuelan presidents, and Costa Rica’s Oscar Arias Sanchez, and Dick Morris has consulted for candidates in other countries of the western hemisphere, including the campaigns of Fernando de la Rua for President of Argentina, Jorge Batlle for President of Uruguay, Vicente Fox for President of Mexico, and Raphael Trotman for President of Guyana.

On the other hand, Latin American political consultants have not just led political campaigns in the countries of their birth, but in the whole Continent as well.

That’s the case of the Brazilian political consultant João Santana, who simultaneously running three winning presidential campaigns in Latin America: Danilo Medina, in the Dominican Republic; Hugo Chavez, in Venezuela; and Jose Eduardo dos Santos, in Angola, in the African continent.

Or the Venezuelan political strategist JJ Rendon (who lives in United States), and his associates, who has been ranked as one of the top five most prominent Latin American consultants by the U.S.-based publication Campaigns & Elections (Latin American edition) and who is winner 2014 of The Victory Awards for his work as the lead strategist of successful presidential campaigns of Juan Manuel Santos in Colombia (including his re-election campaign in 2014), Porfirio Lobo and Juan Orlando Hernandez in Honduras and Enrique Peña Nieto in Mexico, among others. João Santana has been described by the news magazine Veja as “capable of mapping out the weaknesses of adversaries with an acupuncturist’s precision.” While Rendon, has been described by Miami New Times as the “Latin America’s Karl Rove”.


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